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Product: DDMC Vector® 1.0ml ( Transfection reagent ) Cat.#.RS0001
Contents: DDMC Vector ( Polymer besed ) autoclaved, 1 protocol
Storage conditions: store at 4℃
Price: ¥33,000 JPY ( approximately: $325 USD, €290 EUR )

Product: DDMC Vector® 0.5ml ( Transfection reagent ) Cat.#.RS0002
Contents: DDMC Vector ( Polymer besed ) autoclaved, 1 Protocol
Storage conditions: store at 4℃
Price: -----

- Product description -

The characteristics of DDMC Vector with DEAE-Dextran MMA Copolymer - Non-viral vector

  1. Fast and easy procedure
  2. High efficiency in vivo and in vitro transfection
  3. Best results with DNA / RNA applications
  4. Broad peak performance
  5. Broad cell line range
  6. Stable for autoclaving Sterilizationat at 121°C for 15 min.
  7. Applicable in high-throughput-screening(HTS)
  8. No serum inhibition
  9. Excellent reproducibility
  10. Low toxicity in comparison with DEAE-dextran
  11. High DNase protection facility against DNase degradation

Research papers

The full recovery of mice (Mus Musculus C57BL/6 strain) from virus-induced sarcoma after treatment with a complex of DDMC delivery system and sncRNAs.
Non-coding RNA Research (2019)

Supermolecular drug challenge to overcome drug resistance in cancer cells
Drug Discovery Today (2018)

Small non-coding RNAs as regulators of structural evolution and carcinogenesis.
Non-coding RNA Research (2017)

Toxicity and Transfection Efficiency of New Non-Viral Delivery Systems for Small Non-Coding RNAs: Amphiphilic Poly(N-Vinylpyrrolidone) and Diethylaminoethyl-Dextran-Methacrylic Acid Methyl Ester Copolymer.
Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine (2017)

Intratumoral gene therapy versus intravenous gene therapy for distant metastasis control with 2-Diethylaminoethyl-Dextran Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer Non-Viral Vector p53.
Gene Therapy 21, 158-167 (2014)

* This product is for research use only.

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