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Product: DDMC Vector®1.0ml ( Non-viral Transfection reagent ) Cat.#.RS0001
Contents: DDMC Vector ( Polymer-besed ) autoclaved, 1 protocol
Storage conditions: store at 4℃
Price: ¥33,000 JPY ( approximately: USD $320, EUR €275 )

Product: DDMC Vector® 0.5ml ( Non-viral Transfection reagent ) Cat.#.RS0002
Contents: DDMC Vector ( Polymer-besed ) autoclaved, 1 Protocol
Storage conditions: store at 4℃

Product information

Specification of DDMC Vector with DEAE-Dextran MMA Copolymer

  1. Fast and easy procedure
  2. Stable for autoclaving Sterilizationat at 121C for 15 minutes
  3. Applicable in high-throughput-screening(HTS)
  4. No serum inhibition
  5. Broad cell line range
  6. Best results with siRNA applications
  7. High efficiency by use of low DNA amounts
  8. Broad peak performance
  9. Excellent reproducibility
  10. Low toxicity in comparison with DEAE-dextran
  11. A high DNase protection facility by DNase degradation
  12. Best price/value ratio


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